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Teaching Success Since 1996
• 20 years of proven results — for ages 4 and up
Your 4 year old 'mozart' is welcome to benefit from...
Tim Mainka Sonic Freedom Photo
Gifted teacher of music
Bachelor of Arts, Music & Psychology,
Cum Laude,
5 Times Dean's List, Honor's Graudate Carroll College--University (Waukesha, Wis.)

Group or Private Teacher for Greater Waukesha County Milwaukee
Guitar Lessons, Bass Guitar, Plus Ukulele (Uke), Vocal, Keyboard & Drum Lessons For Your Exciting Musical Enjoyment with Fun Fast Results Guaranteed.

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Benefit From Tim Mainka's Gifted Sonic Freedom®™
A Fun Guitar or Bass or Drum Lesson™
Plus Fun Ukulele, Vocal, and Keyboard Lessons Too

"Imagine Your Child or You Enjoying Learning How To Play Parts Of Your Favorite Song Even On Your First Lesson!"
* Your favorite songs are encouraged and it's possible that Tim can show you part of your favorite song even on your first lesson! He is that good and fun.

"He Absolutely Loves the Lessons."

"You have helped me grow tremendously. My skill level is way up and my confidence is way up. I have moved from being a plunker to a real player where I can fill, change keys, play by ear, and so much more. You are great fun to work with and very patient. I am extremely satisfied with the value you give."
-- Dr. Paul DeYoung (Hope College)

"Had a very fun lesson! I learned so much on the first day I immediately took out my bass and started practicing as soon as I got home! Tim is a very nice, fun knowledgable guy and I highly recommended him!" -- Charlie Pynnonen

“Thanks Tim, for all the useful instruction.
I've learned and progressed more in the past couple of months of lessons with you than I have in floundering the previous 28 years of trying to learn on my own.
- Jon Hoeksema, Hoeksema Tool Service, Inc.

“I feel like I'm learning A LOT from my lessons with you and you've given me a ton of things to build on and to further my understanding of how music works.¯ - Gregg Howe

"He (Nikolaus) absolutely loves the lessons...
He has been practicing everyday and can now do his scale forward and backward. He can also play the f,e,and g sheet that you gave him and not only that he can play the whole thing of amazing grace and jingle bells. He is so excited and proud about it. Thanks so much for your patience.
You are a great teacher!" - Stephanie Couturier

You too can become one of hundreds of successful students that Tim Mainka has enthusiastically taught.

Benefit from
Sonic Freedom®™ musically proven results.

Studies Show Children May Gain Positive Self-Esteem, How To Learning Skills, Discipline, Motivation and of course FUN Enjoyment!


But Wait! Tim Mainka has distinguished himself teaching in Southeastern Wisconsin plus spreading Sonic Freedom®™ in West Michigan:

  • Forest Hills Community Services
    at Forest Hills Fine Arts Center
  • TRI-ACE Community Education
    (Hudsonville, Grandville, Jenison)
  • Grand Rapids Community Education
  • West Michigan Home School Fine Arts
    (at the Home School Building in Wyoming, Mich.
  • VSA of Michigan - "Very Special Arts" (serving special education and disabilities in Greater Grand Rapids, West Michigan)
  • Plus more and as your fun and exciting private music lesson instructor in Greater Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    (Menomonee Falls, Brookfield, Pewaukee, New Berlin, West Allis, Greenfield, Wauwatosa, Sussex, Mequon, Whitefish Bay, Glendale, Shorewood, Mukwonago, Vernon, Big Bend, Muskego,
    Waukesha, WI)

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“I Always Wanted To Play Guitar"

“I always wanted to play guitar and I am glad to have a teacher like Tim to show me how.¯ - Andrew Hubach

The lessons are really fun! Material is taught in a way that is easy to remember, which is really helpful. I've been self-teaching myself guitar for 4 years and I've learned more in the past few weeks than I have in the time before that.
- Anastasia Starrett

I have recommended Tim to a couple of different people and they all say they are glad they listened to me. He is the best instructor around...¯ - Brian Headberg

"Tim taught me how to slap-a-da-bass [slap-pop bass] and now I'll have mad skills like he does. ^_^ ... Tim is a gifted musician and a very talented instructor. I have learned a lot from our lessons and really enjoyed it." - Mikaela Ellinger

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Avoid bad habits
Uncover inside tips

Learn quickly
Get encouraging One-on-one
focused attention in private lessons today.
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Guitar lessons, Bass lessons, Drum lessons in the Greater Milwaukee, WI Wisconsin
Waukesha, and Brookfield, WI Wisconsin area

“Very Informative And Fun.”

Dan thinks very highly of your talents as well as your character. He tells me what a gifted musician you are...He is growing and maturing rapidly.
- Chris Gachman-Brown

“I’ve been a guitar student for about 3 years...
very informative and fun.” - Brian Winner

“I highly recommend Tim Mainka as a drum teacher ...a patient polite teacher.
- Patricia Mulder

“I have been a (bass) student of Tim Mainka for almost two years...I would highly recommend Tim as an instructor to anyone… - Mike Bishop

“Tim has been a guitar instructor for our son for the last year and a half...We have been extremely pleased...We will truly miss him.
- Mr. and Mrs. Gene Dosemagen

"i taught myself the basics of guitar but after taking lessons with tim i now have a strong understanding of the fret board and how the notes connect. i'm able to write riffs and use cool tricks (hammer-ons, pull-offs, vibrato, muting...) to make my solo's sound full and guitar playing has definitely improved since taking lessons from tim. he is great teacher and encourages you to move forward in the style of playing that most interests you. if you want to learn and really understand guitar, i would highly recommend tim mainka!" -- Angel Will

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100% Money Back Guarantee.
Secure lessons risk-free.
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You Can Benefit Immensely.

Students may use critical thinking skills
which will make them more likely to succeed in school
(math, science, and reading) and in work life.



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Sonic Freedom®™
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Teaching Guitar Lessons Cheyenne Music Notes

Teaching Guitar Lessons Cheyenne Music Notes

A Fun Guitar Bass Drum Lesson™

Call (616) 249-0020

Sonic Freedom®™ Group & Private Music Instruction

Serving West Michigan and Greater Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Waukesha WI Brookfield Menomonee Falls, Pewaukee Sussex New Berlin Big Bend Vernon Mukwonago area successfully since 1996.

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Fast Facts Sonic Freedom®™ offers a A Fun Guitar Bass Drum Lesson™
Group & Private Music Instruction

Guitar Lessons, Bass Guitar & Drum Lessons Plus Vocal, Ukulele (Uke) and Keyboard Lessons Too!

  • B.A.– Music & Psychology,
    Cum Laude (with honors),
    5 times Dean's List,
    Honor's Graudate Carroll College--University
  • 20 years of proven results for ages 4 and up.
    All ages encouraged.
    Your potential 4 year old 'mozart' is most welcome and encouraged!!!
  • Enjoy Group or Private Lessons for (1) One hour, 45 minute, or
    half hour, plus workshop/camp style classes.
  • Flexible appointments
    5 days a week (Monday-Friday)
  • You can enjoy fun keyboard, ukulele (uke), vocal lessons too!
  • Dig into various styles
    of music: pop, rock, christian, praise band and worship, country, jazz, fingerstyle, classical, blues, and much more...
  • Tim helps you learn with ease.
    He’s your key to unlock musical fun for lifetime enjoyment!
  • How can a more experienced teacher like Tim benefit you?
    Beginners can sometimes be more difficult to teach. Tim's enormous expertise guarantees how to meet a student's needs best, and how to keep interest to engage in the learning process.
    Less experienced teachers may waste more time to figure out what is best at any given moment, and have more trouble keeping the student's attention and interest in their instrument.
  • Turn you or your child's desire to learn into fun action today!


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lessons $132 just $108 ($18 per 30min.)
8 lessons$176
only $136 ($17 per 30min.)
10 lessons$220
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($16.50 per 30min.)
15 lessons $330 only $240 ($16 per 30min.)
lessons $440 just $300 ($15 per 30min.)
*Best Bargain! Enjoy 5 months of lessons for just $60 a month as $15 per half hour instead of $22 per half hour customary cost if paying weekly.

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Free guitar lessons online
and free guitar resources forthcoming for you to benefit from...

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Customary Premium Pricing
(lessons at your location):

60 min. lesson = $60
45 min. lesson = $45

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*(12) 45min. lessons $540 only$446 (save $94)
*Best Bargain! Enjoy 3 months of 45min. lessons for about $148 a month instead of $180 monthly customary cost if paying weekly.

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